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Introducing ‘Core’

The ethos behind the new method of construction is ‘Core’ – an approach to product development, which focuses on strengthening the emotive bond between a customer and their experience of Caravanning.
Core’ is how we apply our beliefs and technology to the design of caravans, that enables our customers to experience the enjoyment of caravanning – wherever and whenever they choose and with no compromises.

Core’ Innovation

Lunar continues to carefully design, construct and thoroughly test every aspect and component of its caravan range.
The thermoplastic material now employed in the construction of Lunar’s new range has been proven through widespread use in the automotive and marine industries.

To ensure its suitability, Lunar has put the material through further rigorous testing using two leading facilities.

‘Core’ Road Test

At the AL-KO test centre in Stuttgart, Germany, a 2014 prototype was subject to a lifetime test equivalent of 30,000km (18,641 miles)

The prototype construction proved to be extremely resilient to these tough structural tests, reinforcing the fact that ‘Core’ design has successfully reduced weight with no compromise to strength and durability.

‘Core’ Climate Test

Further testing was conducted in one of the world’s largest climate chamber test facilities operated by Truma/Alde. A 2014 prototype Clubman caravan was subjected to extreme temperature variance over a 100 hour test programme.

The results from the tests showed that, with the use of ‘Core’ design and the new thermoplastic material.

New Exterior and Interior Enhancements

Lunar’s new 2014 model range will also offer a number of visual and specification enhancements, cutting a dash on the campsite whilst creating an even comfier home-from-home environment.